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THORZT electrolyte drink is a great tasting Australian made sports drink, scientifically formulated to combat extreme Australian conditions. 

THORZT contains the optimal mix of electrolytes, branch chain amino acids and low Gi carbohydrates for sustained energy release without the 'sugar spike'. 

THORZT is gluten and caffeine free, contains about half the sugar of regular sports drinks, and features sugar free electrolyte drink options. 

The THORZT Drink Range includes electrolyte powders and liquid concentrates with matching drink bottles and coolers, as well as a new hassle-free ready to drink formula. 

The THORZT Sub Zero Range features a range of hydration backpacks, cooling vests & miscellaneous cooling products that assist in thermoregulation and on site heat stress management.

All THORZT powder and liquid concentrates are made in accordance with FSANZ Code (Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Manufactured in a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) approved facility.